Kim Trimbo
People, the human condition, relationships, interactions-they have always fascinated me. I have found myself organically studying them since I was very young. It is what I relate to most and what only really matters to me in life. To tell a story, or to portray the life, inner workings, loves, joys, and fears of another human being is what keeps my blood flowing. Finding a way to make every character relatable, loved, pitied, and championed is what I love. Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves? Affecting people who may not otherwise be awake to the souls and struggles and triumphs of another-or even to themselves, to me is the greatest achievement in acting and the reason I put myself on the line every time. Acting is not about the limelight for me, but about relaying someone else’s story and affecting people. It has always been my one true love in life, my one true passion, the one thing I have never been able to walk away from despite any obstacles that have cluttered my path. 
I learned so much from the genius Bill Howey of L.A. and was sorry to see him leave Denver and expand his career in L.A. Since then, I have studied with Michael Nuccio of the Actor’s Menu Acting Workshop in Denver and have done weekend intensives with Amber Horn of L.A. I love to be challenged and broken open in order to find to depths and layers in my characters and in myself. 
I am grateful for the stories I have gotten to tell thus far and the films I have gotten to be a part of. They were wonderful learning experiences for me, all of them. I look forward to the scripts I haven’t read yet, the characters I have yet to discover, and the joy and creation of projects to come.           -Kim